Anger Management

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                                                                           Anger Management
(January 23, 2015, St. Louis, MO) Anger affects humans mentally and physically. Anger results in high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, aggression and hopelessness. A person has many options on how to manage anger.
Reaction to anger is learned from the environment where the person is raised. Some people learn to cope with anger by physical exercise, intense work activities, laughter, writing, recreation, problem-solving communication, music, relaxation, etc.
Some people cope with it by recognizing the anger triggers; such as “He did this intentionally to me,” or “he should have done this instead of _______________.” When a person thinks this way, he feels that he had been wronged and thus escalates the anger.
Some people recognize these anger triggers. They then distract themselves by moving away from the source of anger and self-talk such as, “I can handle this calmly. This person is not worth my thoughts or my breaking the law and going to jail.”
Others use prayers. Anger journal is another tool some use. They keep track of what anger them. They analyze it and try to improve their reactions to anger triggering situations.
Dr. Lord writes, “A person has a choice and is responsible for his reaction to anger. He can learn to cope with it constructively or he can allow it to destroy himself and those around him.”
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Dr. Lord graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in Education from St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri, Guidance and Counseling from the University of Missouri, St. Louis, Missouri, and Master of Science (EBT) in Clinical Psychology from the University of Sto. Tomas, Manila, Philippines. She is the author of 8 books, including From Fieldhand to Ph.D., Ms. Asia International: Motivation for Success and Happiness.
Dr. Lord is available as a motivational speaker and for media interview.