Anger Safety Issues

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                         Anger Management and Safety Issues
(January 28, 2015, St. Louis, MO.) Safety issue is the first and foremost issue to consider in anger management. Another person cannot be counted to always be there to make sure the angry person does not become destructive. Therefore, this person must analyze what triggers his anger, and when he is about to reach his boiling point. In other words, this person must do something to stop from exploding, before he actually gets that angry. Once his anger is exploded, it is impossible to contain it.
Self-control is the best way to control anger. This can gradually be attained if the angry person tries to understand what is causing the anger. Then, find a way to try to solve this instead of bottling the anger inside.
Safety, being the foremost issue must be planned ahead of time. This person, must do self-talk and teach himself not to inflict injury to himself and to others.
            He must move away from the source of anger. This is to avoid being provoked to escalating the anger out of control.
            Distraction by getting involved in creative goals , imagining happy events, etc., and getting totally focused on activities he enjoys, such as music, sports, arts, singing, writing, etc.
            Some people write an anger journal to record what makes them angry, what they can do about it, and plan ahead of time before they get angry. Therefore , once they feel themselves getting angry, they have a plan ahead that will stop them from exploding.
            In this journal, once they see they are able to control their anger and are getting less and less getting out of control, they are reinforced by continuing to control their anger.
            Some people find it helpful to work out everyday. This helps them get focused in getting healthy. Besides, physical exercise will help their brain produce natural tranquilizers that will increase their tolerance level to frustration.
            Eating healthy food, plenty of rest and a strong faith will also be helpful.
            “Those are some of the things that will help a person with anger problem avoid hurting himself and others, thus be safe,” concludes Dr. Lord.
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