Below Grade Level Reading and Writing Negatively Affect Academic and Employment Success

Press Release
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                                    Below Grade  Level Reading and Writing 
                        Negatively Affect Academic and Employment Success
(Jan. 12, 2015, St. Louis, Missouri) Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., St. Louis University Doctor of Philosophy in Education  Graduate,  states that below grade level reading and writing level negatively affect academic and employment success.
            It hinders the students’ ability to pass exams and meet deadlines on school projects.  Eventually, unless remediated, it could mean dropping out of school and  being unemployed.
            Many students are embarrass  to admit or to let others know that they are reading below grade level.  Oftentimes, they disrupt classes so that they do not have to read.
            One answer to this is to give these students the opportunity for individual remediation at home.
            For information on  individualized independent studies in reading and writing,  refer to Dr. Lord’s Supersonic Speed Reading and Writing Workbook.
            “I wrote this  book to help my students pass the Missouri Assessment Performance Test.  Even the students who cannot grasp how to write a simple paragraph learned how to write all the different types of paragraphs and essays.  They also improved their reading speed and comprehension. It teaches them how to keep track of their reading speed as they progress.”
            Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., holds a lifetime Missouri Teaching and School Administrator Certificate.  She retired as a reading and writing teacher from the Hazelwood School District.  She is currently teaching reading and writing  for the St. Louis Public School.
            Dr. Lord  is the author of 8 books.  For further information, visit
            Dr. Lord is available for media interview.