Characteristics of Successful People

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                                                Characteristics of Successful People
(January 23, 2015, St. Louis, Mo) Successful people have the same basic characteristics. They believe that they are capable of finding the solution to the problem; that they are in charge of accomplishing their goals instead of depending on others; that they have some control on many things that happen in their lives, and they accept full responsibilities to the effects of their decisions.
Some people believe that good luck makes people successful. Sometimes; however, what appears to be a good luck might really be a bad luck or vice versa.
There was a Chinese story about a man who had a son with a limp. The warlord came and took all the young men to fight for him. He left the son with the limp. All the young men he took died fighting his war. So what appeared as a bad luck was really a good luck
Three mortgage companies tried to illegally foreclose Dr. Lord’s house. She researched how to file a lawsuit against them. She ended up going to law school and keeping her house. Representing herself as her lawyer (pro-se), won the landmark case Lord vs. Pontigon at the Missouri Court of Appeals.
To conclude, successful people have a very positive outlook in life. This makes them have the courage to search for the solution to the challenges that they face.
“It is this perception that is the main characteristic of successful people who seem to be undefeated. They might get a bloody forehead, but will remain unbowed until they defeat their challenges,” Dr. Lord writes.
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Dr. Lord was raised as a fieldhand in the Philippines, lived in the slums of Olongapo City, and arrived penniless in America. She graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in Education from St. Louis, University, St. Louis, Missouri. She is the author of 8 books.
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