Development of Supernatural Human Power

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                        Development of Supernatural Human Power
(January 20, 2015, St. Louis, Missouri)  Supernatural human power is that unseen force that is developed  in humans by connecting to the  Source of Power.
            Humans connect to that Source of Power through prayers, and doing good deeds.
            “ One evening, I  found a whole bunch of  $20.00, some credit cards and a driver’s  license  scattered  outside the door of the gym where I worked out.
            I  took  them to the receptionist and asked  him to help me find the  owner. I did not leave until we found the right owner.
            Another evening, while I was jogging, I found a wallet on the street.  I found the phone number of the owner, called her  and returned the wallet to her.
            Yesterday, I accidentally left my purse in a  shopping cart.  It had my credit cards, some money, my check book, debit card, etc.
            ‘Oh Lord,’ I prayed.  Please  help me find my purse.’
            I went to the customer service. They had my  purse . A  man found it.  He told them to check the identity of whoever claims it, to make sure it was returned to the right owner.
            Through my kind actions in the past by returning the money and  wallets that I found,   I   was able to connect to that Source of Power when my purse was lost.
            It was returned to me just I returned the money and wallet that I found,” Dr.  Lord writes.
            Therefore, to develop supernatural human power, one must connect to the Source of Power, the Holy Spirit, by doing the right things just like  Dr.  Lord did.
            For further information on the development of supernatural human power, read Dr. Lord’s Development of Supernatural Human Power, available at
            Dr. Lord is available as a motivational speaker and for media interview.