Dr. Lord Explains How She Stops Worrying

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                        Dr. Lord, Explains  How She  Stops  Worrying
                               Dr. Udis Sanchez Manalansan-Lord, Ph.D.
(Februrary 17,  2015, St. Louis, MO)  Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., explains how she learned to stop worrying.
            When I have a problem that scares me, I face it so that it will be out of the way.  I try to find many different ways to solve it. Then, I have back up plans in case the first few plans  do not work out.
            Then, I pray.  “Lord, help me.  I cannot do this by myself.  If you help me, there is no problem I cannot solve.  So Lord, I am holding on to you.  Wrap your arms around me. Let me feel your presence.  My fate is in your hands. Take care of me, Father.”
            Then, believing that the Lord is side by side with me, I have faith that somehow I will be able to overcome whatever it is that is worrying me at that time.
            After I was swindled by two mortgage companies, I have not recovered from my financial set backs. I am helping my children and my family in the Philippines.
            Oftentimes, I get behind my bills, but helping those I love makes me happy.  Besides it is the way I was raised.
            We just do not kick our children out of the house just because they have reached the age of   such and such.
            We just do not forget about our brothers and sisters because they are  grown.  We help each other.
            But anyway, when I have problems meeting my financial obligations, I pray, and somehow unexpected help comes. Then, the problems are solved again.
            Somehow this brought back my dream two nights ago. 
            In my dream,  a  young, handsome body builder told me to hop  on his shoulder and he would carry me.
            Today, I know what that means.
            I was behind my car payment.  I called the company and requested an extention on the due date.
            The person on the other line said, “ I can lower your monthly payments $200.00 less for 6 months, and skip this month’s payment. After six months, your payment will be back to the normal payment.”
            She emailed me the document and I electronically signed them on line. It is done!
            That was the meaning of that dream.  Somebody with power carried me on his shoulder.
            Facing my problems and praying constantly for help alleviates my worrying because I know the Lord is with me.
            Oftentimes, help comes  from unexpected people, unexpected places.  I often see it in my dream before it actually happens just like that one I just related.
            Also yesterday, the bank where I have my safety deposit box told me that they will take out    $650.00 from my account at the end of the month as a full payment for the safety deposit box  rent.
            Actually, there is nothing in that box except an outdated will that  I have replaced.  But they refuse to give it to me until I pay them the $650.00
            Today, I spoke  to the manager.  She told me that as long as I pay the $165.00, which is the two year rent before April 24, I will be alright. They will not withdraw $ 650.00 from my account.
            Before I spoke to the manager I said a prayer out loud. “Lord, my fate is in your hands.  Take care of me.  If you are with me, who can be against me?”
            In other words, when I have problems, even if I am scared to face them, I face them because otherwise they will cause me even more fear.
            But as I face them, I ask the Lord to help me.  Believing that the Lord is with me,  I have faith that I will overcome, just like I did my other problems before.
            That is how I stop myself from worrying.
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