Dr. Lord's Alchemical Symbolism in Dreams

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                      Dr. Lord's Understanding Alchemical Symbolism in Dreams

A Doctor of Philosophy graduate from St. Louis University, in America, Dr. Lord, led by her dreams, was able to trace and stop the foreclosure of the ancestral land of her grandfather in the Philippines that was illegally mortgaged by a relative, depriving her senile mother of her inheritance.
Dr. Lord, the granddaughter of Cabeza de Barangay Santiago Manalansan (Chief of the tribe, Leader, organizer), and the daughter of medicine woman, Flaviana, named "Agila," (eagle), and "Condesa," (countess), by the barrio people of San Pablo, grew up where the tribe analyzed symbolism in dreams to connect with God, predict the future, and ask for guidance.
In this book, you will learn about: Dreams as a Divine Gift from God, Freud's and Jung's Influence in the Rise of Dream Analysis, Alchemy in Dreams, Psychic Content of Dreams, Out of Body Dreams, Lucidity in Dreams, Symbolism in Dreams, How to Interpret Dreams, Ancient Dream Incubation, The Meaning of Colors in Dreams, Understanding Pythagorean Numbers in Dreams, Understanding the Messages of Animals in Dreams, The Healing Power of Dreams, Getting Guidance from Dreams, etc.
Understanding symbolism in dreams helped Dr. Lord to change her life as a fieldhand in the Philippines earning fifteen cents a day, to become a doctor in America, the author of eight books, recipient of the United States Army Plaque for Inspirational Contribution, crowned Ms. Asia International by the Asian Promotion of North America, Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do, etc. She has been featured on channel 5, 4, St. Louis Post Dispatch, St. Louis Journal, Philippine News, Spanish Lake Word, etc., and she has been a speaker at the 11th Annual Teacher Character Education Conference, Missouri Baptist University, Lindenwood University, etc