Dr. Lord's Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder and Other Learning Disabilities: A Guide to their Understanding and Management

All of   Dr. Lord's 8 books are available at her website www.drudislord.com, amazon.com, barnes&Noble, online, etc.

Dr. Lord, the author of  8 books with  30 years  experience  of working with ADD, ODD and other learning disabled adolescents has a Doctor of Philosophy in Education, Master in Guidance and Counseling and Master in Clinical Psychology (EBT).

Having two teenagers diagnosed with ADD and ODD inspired her to research and write this book which she recommends to be read with her other books: DR. Lord's Excellence Education: Anger and Stress Management, Self-Esteem Development and Ethical Decision Making, Dr. Lord's Virtuous Teenage Parenting: Applying Confucian Virtues and Educational Psychology in Teenage Parenting.

Dr. Lord sees her two teenagers gradually evolve into matured, responsible young adults without medication. She sees hope in healing ADD and ODD with proper nutrition, physical exercise, behavior modification, stable home environment and an overall holistic healing instead of popping pills just top get the teens out of the way.

These are the information that she shares in her books that are available through Amazon and her website www.drudislord.com Dr. Lord is the author of 7 books and is a graduate of St. Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri. She is the recipient of several academic and recognition awards, has been featured in different televisions and newspapers.

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