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From Fieldhand to Ph.D.

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Born a peasant in the Phlippines, Dr. Lord, a philanthropist, teaches the strategies she used to improve her life and those of others.
Dr. Lord graduated with a Ph.D. in School Administration and Juris Doctor of Law Executive Track

​​​​​​​From Fieldhand to Ph.D. Workbook
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This is the accompanying workbook for From Fieldhand to Ph. D, ISBN 0937571016 and is intended to teach reading, writing, and character education
Dr. Lord, the author of 7 books with 28 years of working with ADD, ODD and other learning disabled adolescents has a Doctor of Philosophy in Education, Master in Guidance and Counseling and Master in Clinical Psychology (EBT). she recommends this book  to be read with her other books: DR. Lord's Excellence Education: Anger and Stress Management, Self-Esteem Development and Ethical Decision Making, Dr. Lord's Virtuous Teenage Parenting: Applying Confucian Virtues and Educational Psychology in Teenage Parenting. She sees hope in healing ADD and ODD with proper nutrition, physical exercise, behavior modification, stable home environment and an overall holistic healing instead of popping pills just top get the teens out of the way. These are the information that she shares in her books that are available through Amazon and her website Dr. Lord is the author of 7 books and is a graduate of St. Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri. She is the recipient of several academic and recognition awards, has been featured in different televisions and newspapers. For further information, visit or email
Dr. Lord's Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Oppositional Defiance Disorder and Other Learning Disorders:  A Guide to their Understanding and Management

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Dr. Lord's Excellence Education: Anger and Stress Managment, Self-Esteem and Ethical Decision Making
Dr. Lord's Excellence Education: Stress and Anger Management, Self-Esteem Development and Ethical Decision Making
Dr. Lord's Excellence Education: Anger and Stress Management, Self-Esteem Development and Ethical Decision Making, grades 7th to adult reading level. Teaches readers how to teach anger and stress management, self-esteem development and ethicl decision-making. Included are instructions on how to lead anger management sessions, pretest and postest measurement: Anger Inventory, Anger Cost Inventory, and Anger Journal Model to measure students' progress.
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Dr. Lord's Virtuous Parenting:  Applying Confucian Virtues and Educational Psychology in Teenage Parenting

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Teaches the application of Confucian virtues in parenting: wisdom, benevolence, courage and the power to inspire children, physical,emotional development of teenagers, facing family crisis, strengthening family connections, single parenting, school and your teens, planning for college, learning phobias, rock, rap, etc, and how they affect teens, teaching sexual safety, teaching teens about drugs, tobacco and alcohol, teenage emotional and behavioral problems, teenage nutrition, obesity and eating disorders

Dr. Lord's Development of Supernatural Human Power: A Guide on How to Develop the Sixth Sense
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Dr. Lord's Understanding Alchemical Symbolism in Dreams

She saw a vision of her grandpa who was already on the other side when she was born. She felt an unexplained overwhelming sadness, her face flooded with tears, accomnpanied by the familiar scent of her mother. Visions that refused to leave her until she was led to the ancestral land of her grandpa that was illegally mortgaged by a relative and was to be foreclosed in a matter of days. Her dreams guided her to stop the foreclosure.   Her psychic Aunt Sidra healed her broken neck with leaves and prayers. Her medicine woman mother, in a primitive barrio knew when she was sick while she was studying in the city five hundred miles away from home. Even today, though her mother is already on the other side, she still guides her through her dreams. Wanting to understand her experiences drove her to research the development of psychic power from the Greeks to the present time. She used quantum physics theories, and ancient hermetic principles to explain psychic vibrations, how they are developed and change our lives.
Dr. Lord's Understanding Alchemical Symbolisn in Dreams
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A Doctor of Philosophy graduate from St. Louis University, in America, Dr. Lord, led by her dreams, was able to trace and stop the foreclosure of the ancestral land of her grandfather in the Philippines that was illegally mortgaged by a relative, depriving her senile mother of her inheritance.

Dr. Lord, the granddaughter of Cabeza de Barangay Santiago Manalansan (Chief of the tribe, Leader, organizer), and the daughter of medicine woman, Flaviana, named "Agila," (eagle), and "Condesa," (countess), by the barrio people of San Pablo, grew up where the tribe analyzed symbolism in dreams to connect with God, predict the future, and ask for guidance.

In this book, you will learn about: Dreams as a Divine Gift from God, Freud's and Jung's Influence in the Rise of Dream Analysis, Alchemy in Dreams, Psychic Content of Dreams, Out of Body Dreams, Lucidity in Dreams, Symbolism in Dreams, How to Interpret Dreams, Ancient Dream Incubation, The Meaning of Colors in Dreams, Understanding Pythagorean Numbers in Dreams, Understanding the Messages of Animals in Dreams, The Healing Power of Dreams, Getting Guidance from Dreams, etc.

Understanding symbolism in dreams helped Dr. Lord to change her life as a fieldhand in the Philippines earning fifteen cents a day, to become a doctor in America, the author of eight books, recipient of the United States Army Plaque for Inspirational Contribution, crowned Ms. Asia International by the Asian Promotion of North America, etc.

  Dr. Lord's Supersonic Speed Reading and Writing
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Classroom proven to improve reading and writing skills. Written to triple reading and writing speed, effective ways to take notes and pass tests, including standardized tests,such as ACT, the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP), vocabulary,punctuation, capitalization, sentence variety, coherence, unity,spelling, writing different types of paragraphs and essays. Teaches motivation and character education.

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Contact Person:  Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., J.D.

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September 15, 2019

Veteran Educator, Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., J.D., States the Urgency of Including Anger Management in the Educational  Curriculum

(St. Louis, Missouri, September, 2019) Veteran Educator, Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., J.D., the author of  Excellence Education: Stress and Anger Management, Self-Esteem Development and Ethical Decision Making, ISBN 9780937571040, states that the frequency of  mass shooting and violence in our society is  a serious warning sign that there is a need for the school system to include anger management and ethical decision making in the educational curriculum.

One of Dr. Lord’s former high school student shot four people right after graduation from high school. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.

As a result, Dr. Lord wrote this book to avoid the repetition of that tragic incident.

Dr. Lord graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in Education from St. Louis University

, Master in Guidance Counseling from the University of Missouri, Master of Science in Clinical Psychology (EBT) from Sto. Tomas University, Manila, Philippines, and a Juris Doctor of Law Executive Track from Taft Law School.

She worked as an Education Specialist for the United States Department of Defense, retired from Hazelwood School District, and is currently a tenured teacher for the St. Louis City Public School at the Innovative Concept Academy that Judge Jimmie Edwards founded to help the St. Louis City youth.

She is the author of 8 books, that  are available from her website