Dr. Lord's Ethical Decision Making Model

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                                                 Dr. Lord, Ph.D., Teaches Ethical Decision-Making Model
(January 22, 2015, St. Luis, MO) Today’s crime rate evidence the need to teach ethical decision-making. Below is Dr. Lord’s Ethical Decision-Making Model.
Consider the effect of decisions to others. Avoid harm as much as possible. If an ethical principle must be violated, it must advance a greater ethical good. Follow the golden rule. Put the ethical decision to the test. Ask if you want this done to you. Ask if you would be proud to announce your decision to the public.
That is the simple ethical decision making model, that if followed, there would be less crime in society.
“Parents should model those principles so that their children will be less likely to commit crimes and live a more productive, peaceful life,” writes Dr. Lord.
Dr. Lord holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Education from St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri and is the author of 8 books in education and psychology.
For further information on parenting, and ethical decision making, read Dr. Lord’s Virtuous Teenage Parenting, and Excellence Education: Stress, Anger Management, Self-Esteem and Ethical Decision Making available at www.drudislord.com
Dr. Lord is available as a motivational speaker and for media interview.