Dr. Lord Teaches Readers What Make Some People Successful While Others Fail

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                                             Dr. Lord, Author of From Fieldhand to Ph.D., Teaches Readers
                                                  What Make Some People Successful While Others Fail
(January 3, 2015)  When faced with  challenges, successful people find a way to meet the challenges.
When Dr .Lord  was hired to teach at  Hazelwood East Sr. High School, the principal assigned  her  to be an assistant swimming coach.  She did not know how to swim.
“When I got home, I  took some swimming lessons.  I went swimming everyday until I was able to swim lapse for two hours non-stop,” writes Dr. Lord.
Dr. Lord retired  as the highest paid teacher at the Hazelwood School District.
After  Dr. Lord retired from  the Hazelwood  School District, the St. Louis Public School called her to substitute teach for a Military Science course.
Dr. Lord  knew nothing about Military Science, but  accepted the job. “When I get there, I will figure it out.  If I have to teach the students to climb a mountain, I can climb. If I have to run with them, I can run for hours.  If I have to teach them how to shoot, how hard can it be to pull  a trigger?”  Dr. Lord writes.
Through that job, Dr. Lord was hired as a full time teacher for the St. Louis Public School.  
Successful  people  have the  strength to face the challenges and  the confidence to be able to figure out how to solve the problems as they come.
On the other hand, people who fail, complain, instead  of  finding the solution to their challenges.
For further information  on  what make people successful, read  Dr. Lord’s From Fieldhand to Ph.D., Ms. Asia International:  Motivation for Success and Happiness  available at www.drudislord.com.
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