Dr. Lord Teaches Stress Management

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Contact Person: Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., email: udislord@aol.com. www.drudislord.com
                         Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D. Teaches Self-Stress Management
(January 22, 2015, St. Louis, MO) Today’s fast pace society results in a very stressful life style that could result in high blood pressure, and possibly contributes to high crime rate and suicide.
To alleviate this, there are some self-stress management. The easiest one is called progressive muscular relaxation. It is done by contracting and relaxing all of the voluntary muscles of the body, such as the feet, legs, pelvis, stomach, back, chest, arms, neck, and head.
This is done by tensing the muscles while breathing and relaxing them while exhaling. Self hypnosis can also be used with this, by telling yourself “ I am relaxed,” as you exhale.
Another method is called the “Freeze Frame.” This is done by concentrating on the heart. Recall happy experiences and freeze the feeling of joy. The brain will react to it as it repeats the joyful experience.
Hypnosis is another way to relax. Some people go to a hypnostist to be hypnotized to relax.
Others use breathing in through the nose, counting one to three, then slowly exhaling through the mouth at the count of ten.
Meditation is the next method. This is done by practicing silence, trying not to think about anything and distracting the mind by humming a mantra repeatedly. Others repeatedly say the word“peace,” “God,” etc.
The Tibetans started a relaxation method called “vipassana” by focusing on the breathing.
Some Zen Buddhists use “Koan” where they twirl in a circle. Others practice bowing repeatedly to distract their mind from the stress and appreciate life.
The two best way to relieve stress is to eat healthy food that has no preservative and one hour of daily exercise.
Finally, counting your blessing is one of the best for stress management.
“”Those are some of the simple ways to relieve stress, writes Dr. Lord.
Dr. Lord is the author of 8 books on education and psychology.
For further information on stress management, read Dr. Lord’s, Excellence Education: Stress and Anger Management, Self Esteem Devlopment and Ethical Decision Making available at www.drudislord.com