Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., Draws Strength from the Higher Power

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                        Dr.  Udis Lord, Ph.D., Draws Strength  from the Higher Power
                          Dr. Udis Sanchez Manalansan-Lord, Ph.D.
(February 18, 2015, St. Louis, MO)  Dr. Udis Lord, the author of  From Fieldhand to Ph.D., Ms. Asia International: Motivation for Success and Happiness, draws her power from the Higher Power.
            Unceasing prayers, talking to God, feeling He is with me, I ask him for strength and guidance.
            “Lord, I can’t do this alone.  Guide me.  I need you.  Show me the way.  Replace my fears and doubts with the Holy Spirit and dwell inside me.”
            Prayers give me strength, believing that the Lord, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, Who owns  everything is with me.
            Oftentimes the answer comes unexpectedly.  For example, I was praying while I was driving asking the Lord to help me.  All of a sudden, the whole half of the sky turned into a giant rainbow. 
            Then, I realized that the  Lord gave me the sign that He will help me. The rainbow in the Holy Bible is the sign of His covenant that He will never destroy the earth.
            Whatever my problem that scared me at that time, I was able to overcome.
            At the moment, I have a lot that I had to deal with. 
            As usual I pray.  Prayers and the belief that the Source of Power is with me, give me the sense of Peace that I will overcome these  just like I did the other challenges that I have had before.
            The answer came in a dream.
            In  my short dream, I saw a handsome, black haired  young man of about twenty-five years old.  He is a body builder, very strong.  He  was wearing a white T. Shirt.
            “Hop on my shoulder, I will carry you,” he told me. 
            The white shirt symbolizes goodness.  The strength and youth symbolizes beauty.  His volunteering to help me without me asking or expecting it came as a surprise.
            I know, however, that dream symbolizes the answer to my prayers. 
            The Higher Power is with Me. He is helping me.  I do not have to fear.  I will overcome whatever  challenges I am facing right now.
            Believing in the Presence of God with me at all times, and knowing that He lifted me from the ricefield of the Philippines, to become a Ph.D. Graduate of St. Louis University in America, one of the top university in the world; completing my  Second  Year Juris Doctor of Law, and representing myself as my lawyer (pro-se), winning the landmark case Lord v. Pontigon in the  Missouri Courts of Appeal; being the author of ten books, being crowned Ms. Asia International Beauty of North America by the Asian Promotion of North America,  based on my academic excellence, physical fitness, talents in the arts and humanitarian services; awarded a Certificate for the Most Inspirational Contribution at the U.S. Army Human Resource Command Asian Celebration Month, etc., etc., prove that I draw the  power to accomplish all these from the Higher Power, God Himself.
            He is with me at all times.
 To draw the Power of God, pray, spread goodness, forgive, do not hate, follow the Ten Commandments of God.
            By so doing, God dwells in you.  You have peace and strength, knowing that the Greatest Force  in  Heaven and Earth is with you.
            I  am  one  proof of the Power of God.  That when you  draw your strength through His Power,  He will lift you up the way He lifted me from the muddy ricefield planting rice for fifteen cents a day in the Philippines  to who I am now:  Dr. Udis Sanchez Manalansan-Lord, Ph.D., a graduate of St. Louis University of America.
            Therefore, I say to you, draw your strength from the Higher Power.
            Dr. Lord is available as a speaker and for media interview.