Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., Educator, Teaches Parents How to Raise Children with Excellent Reading and Writing Scores

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                                                                   Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.d., Educator, Teaches Parents
                                          How Raise Children with Excellent Reading Scores
(January 16, 2015, St. Louis, Missouri) There is a prevalence of extremely low reading scores among students from all grade levels. According to CNN report, there are many college students who have fifth grade reading levels, and some who cannot read at all.
To raise children with excellent reading scores, they have to be read to at a very early age. That is, as soon as a child can sit on a parent’s lap, that child should be read to daily, several times a day.
She can be read to while being fed, while being settled to take a nap. At least an hour to two hours daily, increasing in increments as soon as the child gets older, must be devoted to reading.
One day a week, such as Saturday, the child should be taken to the library to choose what books the child wants to read. These books should be taken home and be read to the child.
When the child gets older, before he gets any allowance or privileges, he must be required to read.  Writing and math can be taught the same way.
“By the time my children started kindergarten, they are already reading, writing and doing math,” writes Dr. Lord.
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Dr. Lord graduated from St. Louis University with a Doctor of Philosophy in Education. She holds a Lifetime Missouri Teaching and School Administrator Certificate.
She retired as a reading and writing teacher for the Hazelwood School District and is currently teaching reading and writing for the St. Louis Public Schools. She is the author of 8 books. For further information, visit www.drudislord.com