Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., J.D. Repeats the Need for the Inclusion of Anger Management in the Educational Curriculum

Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., J.D., Repeats the Need for Inclusion of Anger Management in the Educational Curriculum

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Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D

(St. Louis, MO September 26, 2019)  A middle school fight on the news today, resulted in a middle school student being pushed and hitting his head on the concrete which resulted on being brain dead and finally death.

Dr. Lord’s former middle  school student shot four people which resulted on a four lifetime sentence without parole

Dr. Lord’s fellow teacher was pushed by a student which resulted on him being paralyzed from waist down

Mass shooting is increasing in frequency.  All these evidence the fact that there is a need for school to teach anger management.

To meet this need, Dr.Lord wrote Dr. Lord’s Excellence Education: Anger and Stress Management, Self-Esteem and Ethical Decision Making, grade level 7th grade to adult,  ISBN: 9780937571040, 304 pages.

Included in this book are instructions on how to lead anger management sessions, pretest and post test measurement: Anger Inventory, Anger Cost Inventory, and Anger Journal that are useful tools to measure students’ progress.

This book is available at www.drudislord.com

For further information, contact Dr. Udis Lord at udislord@aol.com or  view www.drudislord.com