Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., Teaches the Constructive Use of Anger

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             Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., Teaches the Constructive Use of Anger
(January 17, 2015, St. Louis, Missouri)  Anger is a force that gives humans the ability to perform  way beyond  normal  human  ability.  When this force is channeled towards a  constructive  goal, it  becomes a dynamite that catapults many into immeasurable success.
“When I was young, the more  bullies mocked  my poverty,  the more I pushed myself  to excel in my classes. The more I experienced discrimination in America for being  foreigner, the more I excel in my studies and pushed myself  to  graduate with a Doctor of Philosophy in Education  from one of  the top university  in America, St. Louis University.
The more I experienced discrimination, the more I pushed and mentally told  myself, ‘Fools someday, you will worship the grounds that I walked on, and  I will have the last laugh while you  remain  fools. Never once did I think of killing myself, which is what they exactly wanted me to do. ’ ”
Today, Dr. Udis Lord, the author of  From Fieldhand to Ph.D., Motivation for Success, is a graduate of St. Louis University  with a Doctor of  Philosophy, Master in counseling from the University of Missouri, Master of Science in Clinical Psychology (EBT), University of  Sto. Tomas, Manila, Philippines,Bachelor of Arts in English, Columban College, completed her second year Juris Doctor of  Law Degree from Taft University Law School, California,  and the  author of  books.
Representing  herself as her lawyer,  she won the landmark case Lord Vs. Pontigon at the Missouri Courts of Appeal. She was crowned Ms. Asia International Beauty of North America based on her academic success against odds, physical fitness, she has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, talents in the arts, she sings soprano and humanitarian services. She was awarded the Most Inspirational Contribution  at the U.S. Army Human Resource Command,  Asian-American  Recognition Month.
“ I could have physically fought people who looked down at me, but they were not worth my time. I chose to use my force in achieving my goals to prove to them that I am a better person than they are.” That is just one way, anger can be used constructively.
For further information, read  Dr. Lord’s Excellence Education: Stress and Anger Management, Self-Esteem  Development and Ethical Decision Making, available at  www.drudislord.com.
Dr. Lord is available as a motivational speaker  and  for media interview.