Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D. Teaches Wisdom in Parenting

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                                    Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D.,  Teaches Wisdom in Parenting
(February 7, 2015, St. Louis, MO) Wisdom in parenting means that a parent’s decision should always be for the welfare of his child. This wisdom enables the wise parent to be able to see the roots of problems and be able to find the solution before they escalate.
            This wisdom is what strengthens a family.  It is the same wisdom that strengthens a nation, the world, and all men, one at a time.
            When asked how man can gain wisdom, Confucius answered, “Wishing to regulate your family, you must first regulate yourself.  Wishing to regulate yourself, you must first  rectify your mind.  Wishing to rectify your mind, you must first seek to be sincere in thought.  Wishing to be sincere in thought, you must first seek the perfecting of knowledge.”
            When applied to parenting, perfecting  knowledge  means that if you  suspect the possible occurrence or existence of a problem, find the reasons  or  the root of the problem.  Then, figure out a way to solve the problem.
            One of the roots of wisdom is sincerity of thoughts.  In parenting, this means that you must honestly believe that as a parent  your role is to raise your child to know the difference between right and wrong and to help develop himself to the best of  his potentials.
            This also means that you do not blame others for your child’s failure, but honestly find out the reason that is causing your child to fail.  Then, help your child how to rectify that cause.
            When applied to parenting, rectifying the mind means not allowing your emotions to lead your decisions.  Therefore, when your child fails in school, you do not get emotionally charged up by accusing the teacher of  not liking your child.  Instead,  you  find out  the true root of what is causing your child to fail.  That is the only way you can help your child to succeed.
            Cultivation of a person and enlightenment of wisdom means that a parent can only cultivate himself as a person by developing his higher awareness.  Some people call this “enlightenment.”
            In plain language, this means having the intuition to find out the real cause of the problem and finding the real solution by having enough intuition in seeing things as they really are.
            In a nutshell, having wisdom means knowing when your decision as a parent is right or wrong.
            A parent of  wisdom does the following:
            He rewards  his child for positive behavior and  takes away privileges as consequences for inappropriate behavior. 
            He does not use corporal punishment, verbal and physical abuse, intimidation, or manipulation.
            He  strives to be the best role model for his child in thoughts, words and actions.
            He develops himself  to the best that he can be.
            If  he made a mistake, he apologizes and corrects the mistake.
            If  he reprimands his child, he does not leave his child feeling abandoned, but  makes it clear to the child that he dislikes the bad behavior but still loves the child.
            He explains to the child what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
            He knows that if he abuses his child, when his child gets bigger and stronger, and he the parent gets older and weaker, the child will not be there to take care of him in his old age, but will probably abuse him the way he abused his child.
            A  wise parent nurtures a child and raises him with love.  Raised this way, this child will grow up to be nurturing and loving. 
            A child raised in fear and violence will grow up hateful, abusive and destructive without any remorse.
            Dr. Lord concludes, “That  wisdom in parenting  is the type of parenting that results in raising loving, and successful adults.
            Loving and successful adults  strengthen  the man,  the nation,  and  the  whole world, one man at a time.”
            For further information on parenting, read Dr. Lord’s Virtuous Parenting that is available at www.drudislord.com.