Dream Analysis

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                                    Dream Analysis: A Demonstration by the author of  
                                    Dr. Lord’s Alchemical Symbolism in Dreams
            (St. Louis, MO January 25, 2015) The mood, color, objects, animals, etc., have symbolical meanings in dreams.   Each person develops  these  through  his  experiences.
            I dreamed that I was looking  for  my  car.  There were so many tall, thick trees. It was dark. I did not want to be left behind.  Everybody was leaving. I was afraid to be left alone in the dark in the wilderness.
            All of a sudden a group of about five people came  to help me find  my  car.  We went inside a house.  Somebody turned on a light to help me find my car.
            Then I was home inside our  fenced yard in my ancestral home in the Philippines.  There was a huge dog, tied on a leash running around freely on our yard. The dog was able to guard the whole huge yard because the leash was so long that the dog was  freely  running , thus able to guard the whole yard.  Our dogs are also in our yard.
            Since the big dog on a big leash was not ours, I felt like he was intruding on our property. In reality the dog was guarding me.
            In analyzing the dream, the car symbolizes my goal that I try to achieve.  I will come across some problems at first. But then, I will get unexpected help from powerful people that I did not even ask.
            The big, tall trees symbolize life, health  and abundance. The  light symbolizes the Holy Spirit who will guide my way. The setting on my home, symbolizes peace.  The dogs, especially the big dog symbolizes loyal, powerful friends I did not even ask for help, who will protect and help me.
            Thus, the dream tells me ahead of time  that I will achieve my goal. For further information on dream analysis, read  Dr. Lord’s  Understanding  Alchemical Symbolism in Dreams, that is available at www.drudislord.com.
            Dr. Lord is available as a  motivational  speaker and for media interview.