Energy Ingredient of Success

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                                    Energy, the First Ingredient of Success
(January 29, 2015, St. Louis, MO)  Energy is the first ingredient of success. It is the powerful quality that drives successful people to finish their project the right way, the first time. 
            It is also the driving force that drives successful people to redo whatever needs to be corrected at that time.  It is a very strong desire to move from the beginning point to the finishing line, to accomplish a goal, to move forward, to finish a given project, no matter what else is going on.
            Energy does not stand still.  It moves. It is the product  of  a job well done.  Successful  people with this energy pass stressful trials in their project, but they move on.  Stress doubles their energy because they are used to it. They are driven to succeed no matter how hard and no matter what it takes. They do not count the price.  They do not look back.  They only see the success that is waiting for them.
            Dr. Lord pours her heart and soul in everything that she does.  Once she decides to accomplish something, she is driven by  an  internal force.  So that even if a tornado blows the roof, so to speak,  she is still finding some ways to accomplish her goals.
            Once the project  is successfully done, the pride of success redoubles  her  energy and confidence that is the reward  of succeeding an almost impossible goal.
            Then, she moves on to other projects. When she encounters difficulties, she tells herself, “ I have been  through more difficult things than this before.  This too, I will overcome and accomplish my goal.”    
            For example, when she was working on her doctorate, being a language brained person, math is not her strength.
            She did not pass the statistics class until the third try.  But she made up her mind that no matter what, she will pass  statistics because she will be a doctor.
            Also, when she was applying for the Ph.D. program, she was turned down five years in a row.  Every semester she applied until she got accepted.
            Meanwhile, she kept taking graduate classes as an unclassified student.  So by the time she finally got accepted, she had already completed the research courses required for the program.
            Presently, she had completed her second year towards her Juris Doctor of Law Degree. She has to pass the Baby Bar before she can proceed.
            She has taken it twice.  She is reviewing. She plans to cream it the next time she takes it.
            If she does not pass it, she will study again, and again and keep retaking it until she passes.
            The more she fails the test, the more driven she is to pass it.
            That is the energy that is the product of many successes  that she had accomplish in the past.
            “I have the confidence of   a  General in the  U.S. Army,” Dr. Lord concluded.
This is the energy that gives  birth to highly successful people.
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