Faith Helped Dr. Lord Rise from a Fieldhand to Ph.D.

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                        How Faith Helped Dr. Lord Rise from a Fieldhand to Ph.D.
(February 4, 2015, St. Louis, MO) The Lord  has given Dr. Lord just about everything that she asked for in faith.  The first thing she does as soon as she wakes up is say a prayer of thanks, guidance and strength.  During the day, every chance that she has, she says unceasing prayers.  She falls asleep praying.
            This unceasing communication with the Lord strengthens her connection with the Creator of heaven and earth.
            She believes that when she puts an unsolvable problem into the spiritual dimension by praying about it, pretty soon astonishing things begin to happen.
            There are times when Dr. Lord does not receive what she asked for, later on, looking back at it, something better was given to her.
            For  people  who have no faith, to have faith, tell  yourself  that you  have faith.  Start acting and believing that you have faith.  Keep telling yourself, “I believe in God.  God is with me.  Therefore, now that I have God on my side, I will succeed.”
            As soon as your unconscious mind hears that, you will find yourself slowly, but surely being carried away by a strong current that gains its force from itself that gets ever so stronger in full speed.  It takes your mind gently to the richness of spiritual strength.
          That is faith.  
            It can move mountains.  It changes nations.  It changes the world, the universe.  It will also change you.
            It cannot be seen by the naked eye, but it is there.  Just like the force of the wind, you cannot see it, but  it is there.
            That is the Universal Force.
            Its power is like a Universal Magnet of gravity that keeps  people  from falling off the face of the earth and being  lost in the abyss of the galaxy.
            Anyone who doubts  the power of faith, think of Dr. Lord, who rose from a lowly peasant earning fifteen cents a day planting rice in the Philippines to a St. Louis University Graduate, author of 8 books, recipient of many honors and awards offered to her. 
          The great composer Hayden knows the power of faith.   When he composed music, he used the  method called PVA; which means, pray, visualize, actualize.
            To strengthen  your faith, read the Holy Bible from the beginning to the end.  Go to church.  Associate with people with strong faith. 
         As  faith strengthens,  hold on to it and keep praying especially when  going through trials.  Remember that even Christ suffered and died before He rose.
            Mother Mary, who did nothing wrong, suffered and watched  Her beloved Son crucified before she rose to heaven.
            “I prayed that I come to America.  I visualized myself being with the Americans I saw on a  JC Penny  catalogue that one of  my grade school classmates received from her uncle who joined the U.S. Navy. I actualized by now living in  America and graduating with the highest degree of Doctor  of  Philosophy from one of the best university in the world, St. Louis University.  That is because I have faith that the Lord is with me. 
            As a child, I had this recurring dream that when I was in danger, like someone is chasing me,  I prayed, and I was able to fly and make myself invisible.  That is how strong my faith I even as a child,”  writes Dr. Lord.
            For further information on how to use faith to succeed, read Dr. Lord’s From  Fieldhand to Ph.D., Ms. Asia International:  Motivation for Success and Happiness that is available at
            Dr. Lord is available as a motivational speaker and for media interview