Filipino Author, Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D. Teaches Raising Non-Violent Children

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                                                              Filipino Author, Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D.,
                                     Teaches Parenting Non-Violent Children
(January 8, 2015, St. Louis, MO) Violence in society is increasing. Parents as the first teacher of children must model non-violence.
Children raised in peaceful homes most likely will grow up being peaceful people. Whereas, children raised in homes where there is a lot of screaming, profanity, physical punishment and degradation, will grow up being angry adults.
Thus, parents have an obligation to model peaceful behavior to their children. Use reason instead of whipping a child. Give children a lot of love and praise. Be there to give comfort especially when he is hurt.
The worst thing a parent can do to a child is kicking that child out of the house when the child is not yet capable of surviving on his own.
“This is like feeding the helpless child to the hungry wolves on the street. They will most likely end up being dead or being criminals,” writes Dr. Lord.
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