From Fieldhand to Ph.D., J.D., Ms. Asia International, Author of 8 Books, Black Belt

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Contact Person:  Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., J.D.


September 7, 2019

Re:  From Fieldhand to Ph.D., J.D. (Juris Doctor of Law), Ms. Asia International

(St. Louis, MO) Dr. Udis Sanchez Manalansan-Lord grew up planting rice in the ricefield of the Philippines for fifteen cents a day.  She immigrated to America with just the shirt on her back. 

 “The poverty and discrimination that I experienced burned a passion in my mind and heart that made me work relentlessly to rise from  a fieldhand to Ph. D., J.D., (Juris Doctor of Law) and the author of 8 books that are available at,   so that my children do not experience the hard life that I lived,” said Dr. Lord.

To motivate others to succeed against all odds, Dr. Lord wrote From Fieldhand to Ph.D., Ms. Asia International:  Motivation for Success and Happiness that can be viewed with her other 7 books  at

Dr. Lord is a teacher for Innovative Concept Academy, an alternative school  that Judge Jimmie Edwards founded to help the youth in the St. Louis City Public School.

Dr. Lord overcame all odds  to get her education in America. Except for the thesis, Dr. Lord completed all of the academic requirements for a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of  Sto. Tomas, Manila, Philippines.

However, when Dr. Lord applied for her Masters Degree at the University of Missouri, St. Louis,   she was repeatedly denied admission.  She requested a meeting with the Dean and was able to persuade him to allow her to enroll as an unclassified student.  She registered for 3 classes and passed them all. So, she had to  start her masters degree all over again.  Finally, she graduated with her Masters Degree in Education, major in counseling.

It took Dr. Lord  about 5 years to get accepted at St. Louis University for her Doctor of Philosophy in School Administration.  While she was waiting admission, she continued to take classes at UMSL as an unclassified student. By the time SLU officially accepted her for her doctorate degree, she had already completed some of the required classes at UMSL which SLU accepted.

Several times Dr. Lord applied to be a school administrator.  She never got the promotion.  At one time, the person promoted to be an administrator only had a Bachelor’s  Degree and was not even a tenured teacher. However, that made Dr. Lord desire to rise even higher.  She pursued her studies and earned her Juris Doctor of Law Degree from Taft Law School.

Dr. Lord won the Landmark Case Lord vs. Pontigon at the Missouri Court of Appeals, Eastern Division.

Now, a tenured teacher for St. Louis City Public School, she teaches her students not to let neither poverty, failure nor discrimination stop them from rising.