Local Teacher Launches Anger Management Instructions

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“One of  my former student killed four people. At eighteen, he was sentenced to four  life terms without parole.  I grieved and wrote Dr. Lord’s  Excellence Education:  Stress, Anger Management, Self-Esteem Development and Ethical  Decision Making,  as if I can turn his fate around.  Also,today, many people are joining street demonstrations that turn violent due to uncontrollable anger.” 
(St. Louis, MO. Dec. 28) Local motivational author  of  From Fieldhand to Ph. D., and communication arts teacher, Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., launches her anger management  instruction through her book.
Dr. Lord, a Hazelwood  School  retired communication arts teacher is currently a teacher at the St. Louis Public School, Innovative Concept Academy.  She is a St. Louis University Ph.D. graduate, the author of 8 books, crowned Ms. Asia International  by the Asian Promotion of North America and awarded the Most Inspirational Contribution Award at the U.S. Army Human Resource Command, Asian American Celebration. She completed her second year Juris Doctor of Law from Taft University  Law School.  Representing herself at the Missouri Courts of Appeal, won the landmark case Lord vs. Pontigon.
 “The book teaches readers how to understand, manage anger and actually use  its  force constructively.”
Dr. Lord is available for interviews, media appearances and book signing.
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