Our Youth Must Be Taught Diplomacy

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                                                Our Youth Must Be Taught Diplomacy
          (December 25, 2014, St. Louis, Missouri)  Diplomacy is convincing  others to agree with you by appealing to their emotion and reason by speaking politely. The opposite of diplomacy is aggression.
          Dr. Lord says, “Agression usually ends up with the show of  force,   resulting in violence, and both sides  getting hurt.”
          Respect for authority, such as parents, school teachers, the police and those who are higher in the hierarchy of power  must be taught to our youth so that they do not end up getting  hurt.
          Besides diplomacy, our youth must also be taught  ethical decision making so that whether someone is watching or not, they do what is right.  For  our  youth to learn these skills, their self-esteem must first be developed.
          For further information on  self-esteem  development, parenting,  diplomacy, ethical decision making,  etc., read  Dr. Lord’s  Virtuous  Parenting;  Using Confucian Virtues and  Psychology in Parenting, and Excellence Education:  Stress, Anger Management, Self-Esteem Development and Ethical Decision Making,  now available at www.drudislord.com.
          Dr. Lord graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in Education from St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri, Master in Counseling from the University of Missouri, Master in Clinical Psychology (EBT) University of  Sto. Tomas, and Bachelor of Arts in English from Columban College.  She is the author of 8 books,  and holds a lifetime Missouri Teaching and School Administration Certificate.