Parents Must Model Moral Strength

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                             Parents Must Model Moral Strength
(Jan. 18, 2015, St. Louis, MO)  Society is constantly being flooded with news of crime and immorality.  As a result,  the youth are being led astray.  More and more, parents must model moral strength to their children so that they do not emulate the wrong role model.
            “My mother was stronger than the pyramids put together.  When we had no food, she climbed trees with an axe on her hands.  She cut them and burned them into charcoal. Then, she sold them in the market place.  She came home with rice, cabbages and shrimp. 
            We prayed together as a family.  She took me  to church and told me stories teaching me how to follow the Ten Commandments.
            My mother’s strength and faith in God is what helped me survive all my trials in life,” writes  Dr. Lord.
            When parents use drugs, alcohol, do not teach their children about God,  and leave their young children to stay home  alone while they are out with their boyfriends and girlfriends, their young children are led astray. 
            These are the parents who will later on realize that their absence cause their children to choose role models who lead them to break the law of God and man.
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