Replacement for Unattainable Goals

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                                                                      Replacement for Unattainable Goals
                                                                     Dr. Udis Sanchez Manalansan-Lord, Ph.D.
(February 18, 2015, St. Louis, MO) In our society today, many people are led to believe that everything is possible. Unfortunately, life in reality does not always work that way.
Sometimes people have a deep down buried anger in their unconscious because they grew up being unloved. If this is the case, realize that being angry all the time will not solve the anger problem.
Accept it. Grieve. Let it go. Get busy doing productive endeavor.
If the reason for your anger is your divorce, just the same. Grieve. Let it go. However, do not make the mistake of getting married right away.
Take time to be alone and really think about what you want to do with your childrens’ lives and yours.
If you love your children enough, you will get so busy raising them, that you really do not have time to be angry.
If on the other hand, the source of your anger is the death of a loved one. Just the same, grieve and let it go with the thought that your loved one who passed away is at peace with God.
If the source of your anger is because of your failure to attain success in your career, find a substitute
For example, when I was a youth, I wanted to be a medical doctor, but I did not have the money. There were no grants or financial aid in my country.
Somehow, I ended up being a doctor anyway. I graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy from one of the best university in the world, St. Louis University in America.
I worked during the day and attended graduate school at night.
The key is not to get lost in grieving and getting angry. Find a way to somehow get yourself involve in a worthwhile endeavor. Pretty soon you will be where you are suppose to be in the first place.
Escaping anger by drinking, gambling, squandering money, partying, etc., will just add up to your anger and failure.
Grieve, pick up the pieces of your life and move on. You will be a much happier people. Then, people who admire you will be scratching at your door for your attention.
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