See With Your Faith

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Contact Person:  Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D.,
                                    See With Your Faith
            (February 13, 2015, St. Louis, MO)  Trying to be successful is not easy.  You will face a lot of difficulties.  The main key is to see with your faith.  Do not see with your eyes.
            Believe that with hard work, perseverance, prayers, sacrifices and spreading goodness, strengthens your connection with the Creator of Heaven and Earth. 
            When you are strongly connected, and you ask with faith, miracles will happen.  Probably not the time that you ask, but good things will happen.
            Oftentimes, what we ask for is not granted right away.  You will be surprise that something better is waiting for you somewhere along the way.
            One summer, I was hired to teach summer school which I desperately needed.  A teacher  complained to the principal that when I substitute taught for her I did not follow her lesson plan.
            I could not follow the lesson plan because I had to stop some students from bullying others. I taught them a lesson on bullying, kindness, moral strength, ethical decision making, etc.
            I lost that chance to teach and earn the much needed money that I expected to earn.
            The day that summer school started, the city of St. Louis called me to teach summer school. That was where I met the Principal who gave me a full time teaching job.
            That job has a better pay, full benefits, etc.
            Sometimes too bad things happen. But if we keep our faith, later on we realize that that bad thing pushed us to a better place.
            My car broke down.  I could not afford to buy another one. A colleague loan me $500.00 to put as a down payment for a used car.
            Fearing that I will not be able to make the monthly payment,  I asked her if she would lend me $200.00 a month for three months until I can afford to make the payments on my own.
            She said that she owed a lot of taxes that she had to pay, and suggested that I have a garage sale to earn extra money.
            That was when I taught of building a website to sell eight of the books that I have written.
            At that point, I had no idea how to build a website.  That was December 22, 2014.  Today,  February 13, 2015,   fifty thousand six hundred  people have viewed the website that I was able to build,
            I was  also able to have a contract with  Ingram for them to sell my books worldwide.
            I wrote press releases everyday to promote my books. Today, when I google my name, there are  at least twelve pages about  my books and me.
            My books are even being sold in the Philippines, my  Mother Land, other and countries, whose alphabets I cannot even read.
            I also came across the Philippine Army Bookstore.  Two pages of their website is about my books and me. Along those pages are articles about General MacArthur and other Filipino Generals.
            I opened CNN. Com. to read the news.  To my surprise,  I saw 8 pictures of my books with the same sizes as those pictures of the international tennis champion.
            I was swindled by a mortgage company. They tried to foreclose my house.  I researched how to file a lawsuit to stop the foreclosure.
            I ended up going to law school, and I stopped the foreclosure.
            Because I studied law, I was also able to represent myself and win the Lord v Pontigon landmark case at the Missouri Courts of Appeal.
            When things go wrong, remember, see with your faith, not with your eyes.
            Hold on to God. Pray.  Spread goodness. The Holy Spirit will give your strength to succeed.
            For further information on how to succeed, read Dr. Lord’s From Fieldhand to Ph.D., Ms. Asia International:  Motivation for Success and Happiness that is available at
            Dr. Lord is the author of 8 books, a St. Louis University Ph.D. Graduate, publisher for Philippine American Educational Press, crowned Ms. Asia International by the Asian Promotion of North America and awarded the Most Inspirational Contribution  Certificate at the U.S. Army Human Resource Command Pacific American Celebration Month.
            Dr.  Lord is available as a speaker and for media interview.