St. Louis City Public School Teacher, Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., J.D., Author of From Fieldhand to Ph.D., Teaches Her Students Not to Let Poverty, Failure or Discrimination Stop Them From Rising

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St. Louis Public School Teacher, Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., J.D., Author of From Fieldhand to Ph.D., Teaches Her  Students to Not Let Poverty, Failure Nor Discrimination Stop Them From Rising

(St. Louis, Missouri, September 10, 2019) Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., J.D.,  is the author of  From Fieldhand to Ph.D., and 7other books that are available at her website:

Dr. Lord, who teaches at Innovative Concept Academy, a school that Judge Jimmie Edwards founded to help the youth of St. Louis City, wrote:

“My mother worked as a servant to pay my tuition to go to high school.  I had to walk on a dirt road two hours in the morning, two hours back in the afternoon. I did my classmate’s homework so that I can use their books that I cannot afford to buy.

            My lunch was boiled rice wrapped in banana leaves. 

            Some of my classmates made fun of me and as a joke voted me as the Muse or the most beautiful girl in the school.

            While this was going on, mentally I told myself, “Fools, someday you will  kiss the ground that I walked on.”

            To attend college, I worked as a vendor in the public market and attended college in the evening, carrying 21 credit  hours per semester.  I graduated from college when I was 19 years.

            While in college, I was the contributing editor of the college newspaper, President of different school organizations, winner of the impromptu speech contest and acted the supporting leading role for the college play, West Side Story.

            Because of the college activities and accomplishments that I had, which I included in my resume, when I applied as an assistant to the Education Officer at the United States Naval Base, I was hired.

I arrived penniless in America.  Although I have completed all the requirements for a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology at the University of  Sto. Tomas, Manila, Philippines, except for the thesis, the University of Missouri refused to accept me in the Master’s Degree Program.

    The Graduate Record Exam they wanted me to pass was standardized on American Students.  I am a foreign student.

     After several denials from admission, I requested a meeting with the Dean.  Still he refused to accept me in their graduate program.

    So, I asked him to at least allow me to take 3 classes as an unclassified student.  I passed all three classes. Finally, I graduated with a Masters Degree in Counseling.

It took me 5 years to get accepted at St. Louis University in the Doctoral Program.  While they were rejecting me, I kept taking graduate classes at the University of Missouri.  So, by the time St. Louis University accepted me in the doctoral program, I have already completed most of the required classes at the University of Missouri, which St. Louis University accepted.  I graduated with a Ph.D. in School Administration.

            I wrote a book, and I cannot get any publisher to publish it.  I published it myself.  Now, I have published  8 books that are available on my website, Amazon, etc.

            When I started teaching at Hazelwood School District, the principal appointed me as the assistant swimming coach.  I did not know how to swim.  I learned how to swim, and by the time I assumed the position, I was able to swim lapse  nonstop everyday,  for 2 hours.

            I applied several times, but was never promoted to be a school administrator even though my Ph.D. is in School Administration.  At one time, the person promoted only had a Bachelor’s Degree and was not even tenured.

      So, I went to law school and graduated with a Juris Doctor of Law Executive Track and won the Landmark Case Lord vs. Pontigon at the Missouri Courts of Appeals.

            The Asian Promotion of America called me to crown me Ms. Asia International because of the accomplishments I have achieved against all odds.

            This time, being crowned as a Beauty Queen was a real honor, not a joke just like the Muse title my classmates voted me in high school.

            In conclusion, do not allow poverty, failure, and discrimination stop you from rising.  Instead, use them as the gasoline that  ignites the passion in  your heart to succeed.”