Strategic Anger

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Strategic Anger
(February 12. 2015, St. Louis, Missouri) Obviously you are getting angry because you are not getting what you want from others. To successfully get what you want from others, use strategic anger management.
Strategic anger management is planned, calculated, and controlled. This is what will move others to give you want you want.
The opposite of strategic anger, is savage anger. It is loud, wild, unplanned, uncontrolled, crude, ignorant, and it accomplishes nothing but more anger and destruction. This type of anger causes you to be disorganized and ineffective, because it freezes your brain and is therefore unable to think of the best way you can get what you want. It is nothing but your express ticket to your fall and destruction.
The result of this type of anger is your early death, others’ death or you going to jail.
Therefore, before your anger gets out of control, find out what it is you want that you are unable to get. Killing the person you think is stopping you from getting what you want, is really not going to get you what you want.
Killing yourself is not the answer either. This type of thinking is illogical, uneducated, barbaric, uncivilized.
To get what you want, learn to use strategic anger.
To use strategic anger, you have to think like a brave, well-trained, disciplined, calculated military general who fights a war to win.
To do this, first count the resources that you have. Before a general goes to war, he counts his men, weapons, supplies, finances, etc., available.
Second, study and calculate the power of your opponent. If your opponent is well-educated, has money, etc., he probably can afford to hire a lawyer. Just like you, his rights are protected by the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, you cannot violate his rights no matter how angry you are.
Therefore, your screaming and flexing your muscles will just annoy this opponent.
What will be more advantageous for you is to develop your strength and potential as far as they can take you. Plan your life so that you will become so competent that you have a string of successes to back you up.
When you are successful, you will have many respectable, strong allies who will come your way. They will ask you to be a part of their allied defense.
Also, your competence, successes and reputation will make you a very strong, respectable person which will cause people to think twice before they take what legally belongs to you.
When you are well- educated, your approach in dealing with people will be more calm because you are confident. You do not need to scream. You “ speak softly with a big stick behind your back” so to speak, because you now have a very powerful signature.
Because of this, little things will no longer make you angry so easily. In fact some of the mundane things that others do, will now appear unimportant in your perspective that they will no longer make you angry.
Dr. Lord concludes, “That is strategic anger.”
For further information on anger management, read Dr. Lord’s Excellence Education: Stress, Anger Management, Self-Esteem Development and Ethical Decision Making, that is available at
Dr. Lord is a graduate of St. Louis University in America, has a Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Missouri, Bachelor of Arts in English from Columban College, the author of 8 books, publisher for Philippine American Educational Press, crowned Ms. Asia International by the Asian Promotion of North America, awarded the Most Inspirational Contribution by the U.S. Army Human Resource Command during the Asian Pacific Month Celebration, completed her second year Juris Doctor of Law and representing herself won the landmark case Lord vs. Pontigon at the Missouri Courts of Appeal.
Dr. Lord is available as a speaker and for media interview.
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