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                                                Stress Management
            (February 11, 2015, St. Louis, MO) Different cultures have their own way of relieving stress. Ancient Athens used physical exercise and relaxing warm bath. In India, they practice Yoga. Europeans and American use physical exercise, brisk walk and vacation by the sea.
            Today, there are many different ways to cope with stress.
First, the person must be able to analyze what is causing the stress and take responsibility for healing it.
            Some people see a psychiatrist, or counselor to find out stress causing experiences that is buried in the subconscious.
            Sometimes they are hypnotized to relive the experiences and untie the pain causing experiences.
            Sometimes they use projective techniques where the patient is ask to draw. Then the therapist is able to sort what is causing the patient the stress that he is experiencing.
            However, the most realistic and easiest way to relieve stress is to honestly ask yourself what is causing the stress and do something about it.
            For example, if the stress is financial, perhaps cut the expenses, look for a better paying job, etc.
            Eating healthy food is another way to relieve stress. Eating canned food, with a lot of preservative, caffeine, sugar, etc., aggravates the feeling of stress.
            Likewise, alcohol, smoking, drugs, etc. make it worse.
            Boredom and lack of variety causes stress. Sink your teeth to a hobby or further your education so that you will forget your stress because you will be enjoying your life more when you start seeing the advancement of your education and career.
            If the stress is caused by an aggravating person, avoid that person.
            Whatever is causing the stress, the first step in curing it is being honest with yourself by admitting that you are stressed out. Then, realize that you can control your attitude about the stress by changing what you can to relieve your stress. Have faith that you can turn things around.
            Dr. Lord deals with stress by running for half an hour and lifting weight for half an hour seven days a week. Perspiring removes the toxin from the body. She cooks and eats healthy meals.
            She counts her blessings.
            She prays constantly.
            She has faith that the Lord is with her.
            She advances her career.
            She builds her own website to promote her books.
            She is reviewing to take the Baby Bar for her Juris Doctor of Law Degree.
            She is very grateful.
Most of all, she realizes that even Jesus died before He rose to heaven. Mother Mary watched her son crucified before she joined Him in Heaven.
            So, realizing that stress is a natural part of life, and that one has the power to deal with it is the best way to cope with stress.
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            Dr. Lord is available as a speaker and for media interview.
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