Supernatural Human Power Development

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                   Supernatural Human Power Development
(January 27, 2015, St. Louis, MO) Supernatural Human power is the ability to do, hear, and perceive phenomena that cannot be seen by the naked eye.
It is a gift from the Holy Spirit that is developed by following the Ten Commandments, unceasing prayers, meditation, compassion, and offering sacrifices. Some people use fasting as a form of sacrifice.
Other forms of  sacrifices  are  helping  relatives, who are less fortunate, as well as  beggars who need help without expecting anything in return.
Taking care of the mind and body is another way to develop this power. Since the body is  the temple of God, tattooes and body piercing destroys  this very special gift.
Likewise, the use of mind altering drugs, and alcohol will not be conducive to the development of this power.
Dr. Lord writes,  “Once this power is attained, abuse of its use for destructive purposes will destroy the recipient of this gift.”
For further information on supernatural human power development, read Dr. Lord’s Development of Supernatural Human Power    that is available at