Supernatural Human Power

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                                                                      Supernatural Human Power
            (January 26, 2015, St. Louis, MO)  Supernatural human power is the ability to see, feel experience that which cannot be seen by the human eye. It can be dreaming what happened across 18 thousand miles across the ocean, hearing the voice of God, prayers granted immediately, being able to reach or communicate with relatives who have joined God, etc.
            Dr. Lord dreamed about her senile mother’s  kidnapping that happened in the Philippines while she lives  in America.
            When Dr. Lord’s house was getting foreclosed, while lifting weight at the gym, she heard a voice that said, “Be still. I am the Lord.”
            She  was able to save her house from foreclosure.
            When Dr. Lord was going through some very stressful  problems,  she heard a voice that said, “I will help you.” It was not until about three hours later that she realized she heard the voice and knew exactly that voice is God.
            Another time when Dr. Lord was going through some difficult trials in life she heard a voice and saw it spelled in capital letters a word that sounded ancient. She forgot about  it.  Three days later, she looked up the meaning of the word on the internet, the word meant “God.”
            When Dr. Lord had to make a very difficult and scary decision that she had to do inspite of her fear, she dreamed of her deceased  mother. Her mother  was sitting on a wide, brown, polished, strong, wooden bridge.
            She looked at the right side towards Dr. Lord, telepathically, she communicated to Dr. Lord. “You can cross now. I built you a very strong bridge.”
            Then her mother quietly stood up and returned to where she lived, in a peaceful wooded place with tall, huge, thick green trees.
            When Dr. Lord’s daughter went through a phase of teenage rebellion, Dr. Lord decided that she will be very strict to her.
            Dr. Lord’s  deceased mother showed in her dream. She was sitting on the edge of a ricefield paddy where Dr. Lord grew up. Her arms were wrapped around Dr. Lord’s daughter.
            Dr. Lord’s  deceased mother looked at Dr. Lord from her left side. Telepathically, she communicated to Dr. Lord,“If you mistreat my grandaughter, I will take her with me.”
            These are just a few supernatural experiences Dr. Lord had experienced.
            Dr. Lord believes, “ These supernatural experiences are  the result of  unceasing prayers, and sacrifices.” 
            For further information on the development of supernatural human power, read  Dr. Lord’s Development of Supernatural Human Power that is available at
            Dr. Lord is available  as a motivational speaker and for media interview.