Tax Break for the Middle Class

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Contact Person:  Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D.,,
                                   From Fieldhand to Ph.D. Author, Dr. Udis Lord,
                      Supports President Obama’s Tax  Break for the Middle Class
(January 25, 2015, St. Louis, MO)  Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D., author of  From Fieldhand to Ph.D. supports President Obama’s  tax break for the middle class.
            Wealthy people know all the tax  laws  that allow them not to pay taxes  in proportion to their income.  Hard working middle class Americans are taxed for every penny they make.  Many of them owe taxes.  Then they are charged penalty and interest on what they owe. Most likely, every year they owe taxes. As a result they are forever burried in debt to the government.
            What makes this worse is they then end up borrowing money from lenders who charge them more than a hundred per cent in interest.
            Thus, the middle class find it very difficult to improve their economic status.
            According to Dr. Udis Lord, “Giving the middle class a tax break will increase the probability that they will be able to help their children finish college.  When their children finish college, they will  have higher income, and thus pay more taxes.
            Whereas if they do not go to college, there is an increased probability of  being on the streets, getting involved in illegal dealings to make money, pregnancy, etc.
            The cycle goes on forever, they end up depending on government aid, instead of  contributing to the economy.
            Giving the hard working middle class a tax break and increasing the taxes the wealthy people pay in proportion to their income is the right thing to do. It follows the American Ethical Tradition  of  helping the weak.”
            For further information on ethical decision making, read  Dr. Lord’s Excellence Education, that is available at
            Dr. Lord graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in Education from  St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri.  She is the author of  8  books.
            Dr. Lord is available as a  motivational speaker and for media interview.