The Beggar Who Gave Me Happiness

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                                                   The Beggar Who Gave Me Happiness


                                                  Dr. Udis  Sanchez  Manalansan- Lord, Ph.D.

         (February  14, 2015, St. Louis, MO)   Working in the city, I drive by many beggars on the street.  They carry a little cardboard box on their hands with the sign, “Homeless, Please help.”

         One particular beggar, a skinny, toothless, old man, with a limp when he walks walked back and  forth, to the cars that pass by. 

          The traffic light turned red. I handed him a dollar that I always have stashed on my side pocket no matter how broke I am.

         Most of the time I  am so broke I do not  even have enough money to buy food, gas, pay my  bills, etc., but I always try to stash a dollar on my side pocket in case I drive by a beggar.

         On that day, I gave  the  beggar a dollar and a chocolate candy bar.  He looked as if I gave him a sack of gold.

         “God bless you.  I am so hungry.  I really need this today,” he said.

         That innocent thankfulness lighted my heart. It gave me an inexplicable, uplifting  happiness unlike other happiness I have felt before.

         One day, I gave him a dollar and a hard boiled egg.  His  face lighted up and said.  “God bless you.  I really love hard boiled eggs,” and gave me an ear to ear toothless smile.

         No amount of money can buy that happiness I felt from his gratitude from something so insignificant that I gave him.

         One day, I gave him a dollar with a bottled green tea with lemon, a  breakfast bar and some sliced apples.

         “God bless you,” he said. “Everyday, I look for you.”

         As the traffic light turned green and I started my car. I looked on my rearview mirror.  He was waving, smiling at me, showing his tremendous amount of gratefulness for the little things I was able to give him.

         Sometimes, when it is too cold, the old man is not there. I feel very disappointed because I could not give him the dollar, the breakfast bar and bottled green tea that I set aside for him.

         I pray for that old man and all the homeless, beggar on the street.  It is winter.  So cold.  Many of them sleep underneath bridges.

         In the summer, when it is blistering hot, I see them sitting underneath the shade of overpasses and bridges.

         But that toothless, skinny, old man,  with the limp, who is always sooo grateful when I give him little things really just gives me happiness a billion times more than the happiness he feels when I give him the dollar and little food that I stash for him from my lunch box.

         He always said, “God bless you.  God bless you.  God bless you,” everytime I give him the little food and the dollar.

         No amount of money can buy the happiness that beggars gives me everytime I give him a dollar and the little food that I stash for him from my lunch box.

         For further information on how to find happiness, read Dr. Lord’s From Fieldhand to Ph.D., Ms. Asia International:  Motivation for Success and Happiness that is available at

         Dr. Lord is a Doctor of Philosophy Graduate from St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri, completed her second year Juris Doctor of Law at Taft Law School, California, Master in Guidance and Counseling, University of Missouri, Master of Science in Clinical Psychology, (EBT), University of Sto. Tomas, Manila, Philippines, and Bachelor of Arts in English from Columban College, Olongapo City, Philippines.

       Representing herself as her lawyer (pro-se) she won the landmark case Lord vs. Pontigon at the Missouri Courts of Appeal, Eastern Division.

         She was crowned Ms. Asia International by the Asian Promotion of North America based on academic excellence, talents in the arts, physical fitness and humanitarian services.

        She was awarded a Certificate for the Most Inspirational Contribution by the U.S. Army Human Resource Command at the Asian Pacific  Celebration Month.

     She is the author of 8 books.  For turther information on Dr. Lord, visit

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