Visualization, Tool For Success

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Contact Person:  Dr. Udis Lord, Ph.D.,,
                                Author of From Fieldhand to Ph.D. Explains Visualization
                                                As a Tool for Success
(January 24, 2015, St. Louis, MO)  When Dr. Udis Lord was a young girl planting rice for fifteen cents a day in the Philippines, one of her elementary school classmate showed her a JC Penny Catalogue that her Uncle, who joined the U.S. Navy,  sent her.
                Never owning shoes, Dr. Lord was awed at the shiny shoes, the handsome Americans, carpets, etc.  It was then, she visualized herself living in America. Today, Dr. Lord lives in America.
                When Dr. Lord was a college student at Columban College, she  used  to  climb to the top of the building so that she can  watch the gate of the U.S. Base.  She wanted to go inside to see what was there and why the  U.S. Marines guarded it, but it was forbidden for Filipinos unless they work there.
                After graduating from college at age 19, the U.S. Department of Defense hired Dr. Lord as an education specialist.  She was able to enter the U.S. Base.
                While living in the U.S.,  Dr. Lord saw a house with  4  Roman pillars in front. Awed, she thought, “I want to have a house like that.”  Today, Dr. Lord lives in that house.
                December 22, 2014, Dr. Lord wanted to have a website to sell her books.  She had  no idea how to build that website.  Today, January 24, 2015, thirty six thousand one hundred fifty two people have viewed that website that she built.
                When Dr. Lord was falsely condemned  of defamation in Canada,  she visualized  herself reversing that judgment.  Representing herself as her lawyer (pro-se), she appealed and won the landmark case Lord v. Pontigon at the  Missouri courts of Appeal where the defamation judgment was “quashed and reversed.”
                Actually, the  Lord sent the most powerful person in the world to help Dr. Lord.  President Obama signed the Speech Act which protected U.S. writers from libel tourism.
                That is what Dr. Lord used in her  defense.   It became a landmark case that is  now being studied in law schools  and  included in law books.  What was intended to destroy Dr. Lord  helped her and  immortalized her name, instead.
                Visualization; that is, seeing  in her mind, what she wants to accomplish,  letting nothing  discourage her, then thanking God ahead of time  as if what she wants to accomplish had already been  granted,   is how Dr. Lord uses this powerful tool.
                After living in America for 15 years, Dr. Lord visited the Philippines and saw the heart wrenching poverty of her brothers and sisters that she used to live in, but is no longer accustomed to.
                Even though she intended to spend three months on vacation there,  the next day, she flew back to the U.S. and wept for 3 nights and  3 days without eating or sleeping.  She stared out the window, and saw the sun come up and down.
                Then she told herself, “I will build them houses and improve their lives.”       
                The houses she visualized are now built and her brothers and sisters lives have improved just the way she  visualized it.
                Dr. Lord  summarizes  how she uses visualization as a powerful tool to accomplish her goals.  “I see  clearly   in my mind what I want to accomplish.  I tirelessly work giving no room for  discouragement.  I trust and thank the Lord for granting what I want to accomplish as if it had been granted.  Ceaselessy, I pray, do good deeds, and try to follow the Ten Commandments.  I have faith that If God is with me, what can stop me? ”
                For further information on the tools Dr. Lord uses to achieve her goals, read  From Fieldhand to Ph.D., Ms. Asia International:  Motivation for Success and Happiness, available at
                Dr. Lord holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Education Degree from St. Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri and is the author of 8 books.  She was called by the Asian Promotion of North America to be crowned Ms. Asia International based on her  academic achievement, talents in the arts, physical fitness and humanitarian services.  She was awarded “The Most Inspirational Contribution” at the  U.S. Army Asian American Celebration Month.
                Dr. Lord is available as a motivational speaker and for media interview.