Yes, I Can

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                                                Yes, I Can
                        Dr. Udis Sanchez Manalansan-Lord, Ph.D.
(February 16,  2015  St. Louis, MO )  When I arrived in St. Louis around 1973, I applied for admission for my Masters Degree from the University of Missouri.  I kept applying and getting turned down.  Finally, I requested a meeting with one of the Deans.  After talking to me, he said, “I have talked to you for about an hour.  I still cannot give you admission to the Masteral Program.”
            “If you allow me to take three classes as an unclassified student, and I pass them, will you admit me in the program?  I asked.
            “You cannot pass because your Graduate Record Exam scores are very low.  Your grades are mostly 1’s”
            “Yes, I can prove to you that I can pass.”
            He allowed to take three classes and I passed them all.
            Looking back at it, now that I am a veteran educator,  the university should not have based their decision for my admission on the GRE, because it is standardized on American Students.  I  was a foreign student.
            Also, the Dean misinterpreted my grades. 1’s in my country are A’s in the U.S. H taught my  grades were D’s in the U.S. conversion, actually, those were A’S.
            I graduated with my Masters Degree from the University of Missouri.
            Again, when I  applied for admission for the Doctoral Program, it took me five consecutive years of applying every semester.
            While this was going on, I kept taking graduate classes as an unclassified student.
            By the time I was finally admitted in  the Doctoral Program at the St. Louis University, I have taken the research and statistics courses from the University of Missouri.
            St. Louis University accepted those courses towards my Ph.D.
            When I wrote my first book and sent it to about ten publishers, they refused to publish it.  Now, I have ten published books in my name.
            When I was a high school teacher, the principal appointed me as an assistant swimming coach.  He thought that since I came from the Philippines that is surrounded by oceans, I can swim.
            I took swimming lessons and swam everyday until I can swim  lapse non-stop for two hours.
            After retiring from the Hazelwood Schools, I applied to substitute teach at the St. Louis Public School, hoping that eventually I will get a full time job there.
            They called me to substitute teach a Military Science Course.  I accepted it, knowing nothing about it.
            Their computer must have chosen my name because I worked as an education specialist for the United States Department of Defense.
            I told myself.  “How hard can it be?  If I have to teach the students to run, I can run for hours.  If I have to teach them weight lifting, I had been lifting weight since the 70’s.  If I have to teach them how to shoot a gun, how hard can it be to pull a trigger?”
            As it turned out, I was suppose to teach them discipline, nutrition and physical fitness. That was right in my territory.
            “Yes, I Can,”  is my  attitude.  I  figure out how to solve problems.  I am  confident that  with prayers and hard work,  I  will be able to succeed.
            “If God is with me, what can stop me?”
            For further information on how to succeed, read Dr. Lord’s From Fieldhand to Ph.D., Ms. Asia International:  Motivation for Success and Happiness, that is available at
            Dr. Lord is available as a motivational speaker and for media interview